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The worlds first fully waterproof, wireless, phone charger. Completely solar powered. 

Why wouldn't you have it?

It's Simple

With the advent of more and more data and battery hungry applications coupled with a guests desire to stay connected for longer,

Re-Charge eliminated the need for the guest to bring external power sources to the sunbed by utilising the suns rays to charge their device from the comfort of their sun lounger.

With an unlimited charge power bank included – Re-Charge is there to provide a constant power source Day or Night.

Fitted with “to allow phones to be prioritised in order of usage.

Custom chassis colours available to match any interior design scheme.

Optional bespoke logo application available to personalise to your brand.



Mobile devices and their applications continue to consume battery life at a faster and faster rate, Re-charge is the solution to this issue through the utilisation of solar power, allowing your guests to power up their devices from the comfort of their sun lounger, or any other outdoor area without limitation. Designed to keep your phone cool in direct sunlight, waterproof and available in a range of custom colours, Re-Charge keeps your guests connected for longer.